The Internal Journey

I have had many journeys this lifetime and I am sure many lifetimes before this one. The journey within has been the most difficult. Life is the great equalizer. It truly levels one. It leveled me this past few months. I feel as though I am in some kind of initiation program for something I [...]

Mikayla Snippets

Life. It's sometimes a comedy, a tragedy, an adventure, a drama. Mostly though it's just my reaction to the external world. I'm learning...stay in my lane and observe. Everything has it's time and place and will play itself out. Life becomes more calm, more sane when I just watch the things/people/places pass by. It's all [...]

Purple Toes

I feel blessed to have lived the life I have lived and though I have had rough spots and made many not so great choices I still believe my life has been good. I lived it! I have a full bank of memories and a rich reservoir of adventures and many people I have crossed [...]

Drunk Epiphanies

Most of the time, travel and new experiences help me to process my world and my understanding of life. My last trip to New Orleans and Las Vegas definitely popped open some new epiphany cells in my brain. Those of you who read this certainly get a deeper meaning of the world of Mikayla and [...]


I take on this word as part of my life mission because it has always been one of my "Life Topics". When I say "Life Topic" I mean something that I have dealt with since childhood and that I bring to the table with wisdom and experience now as an adult. It is a topic [...]